Welcome To Totally Tiels

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Welcome to Totally Tiels

Totally Tiels is a small home based aviary. We have a wide variety of mutations available year round, yet we control the numbers of our breeders to ensure that every bird is of top quality thus providing our customers with healthy and happy babies. Each baby is lovingly handfed in a family atmosphere and handled every day by every person who comes through the door. They come well adjusted and easy to handle. 

Please understand that we are currently in the process of building this site. Take a look around the site and enjoy but be sure to come back soon and see what we have added!

New babies have arrived!

Whitefaces, Whiteface Pieds, Cinnamons, Pastelface Cinnamons, Albinos

Rooster's Rescue

We have organized a rescue group in the name of our Cockatoo Rooster. If you or anyone you know has a bird or knows of a bird that needs help, please let us know. We help rehome birds, help provide food and supplies to families with birds in need and are always glad to help further educate the current or potential bird owner.

Current count is 16 birds helped through Rooster's Rescue

Puppies Due Soon

Our beloved Pit is expecting her first litter around June 15. Although this was an accidental breeding (we do not encourage the breeding of Pit Bull Terriers at this point in time due to the name and reputation they hold and the bans that are taking place in many parts of the United States) the puppies will be purebred and we will be placing them in appropriate homes. If you are interested email us and feel free to take a look at their page when they arrive.

Passionate About Pitts

We here at Totally Tiels are also dedicated to the American Pit Bull Terrier and the amazing pets they make. We are active participants in banning the Breed Specific Legislations that are attacking owners of the APBT, American Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler, German Shepard, and Doberman Pinschers. Together we can clear their names. For more information on American Pit Bull Terriers, the Breed Specific Legislations and how to put an end to them, click on the picture of our beloved female to the right.